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Modern Pharmaceutical API plant

Stock no: 200505

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Modern API pharmaceutical plant for sale in excellent condition including glass lined, stainless steel and hastelloy reactors, dryers, centrifuges, heat exchangers, vacuum systems, tanks, boiler, compressors, refrigeration plant, laboratory equipment and all ancillaries. equipment includes:

1.5m² 3V Cogeim Pressure Nutsche Filter dryer in 316L

4000 litre Tycon glassed steel  reactor vessels Type CE4000

2310 litre DeDietrich glassed steel reactor (CE2000?), with ELCOLOCK agitation system

4000 litre 316L stainless steel reactor vessel manufactured by  PSV Fabrications

4.97 m². Moritz Sparkler plate filter Type 33-D-9 manufactured in Hastelloy C22

  Heinkel HF600 stainless steel 316 Ti (1.4571) inverting bag centrifuges.

1325 litre Buss stainless steel vacuum paddle dryer

 0.3 m² small Luwa evaporator system

Westfalia decanter centrifuges Type CA 221-110

1773 dm³ Hosokawa-Nauta conical screw vacuum dryer Type DBXU-600R/V/W., in 316 stainless steel.

4600 litre Hosokawa-Micron Nauta Type 15-HDC-54 316L (1.4404) stainless steel conical dryer system

Rousselet Type RC63 VXDECR  316L stainless steel bottom discharge centrifuge.

Large scale QVF/Schott glass kilo manufacturing plant.

Plus many reactors, granulators, pumps, receiver vessels, graphite block heat exchangers, spares etc.

We recommend early inspections for this excellent equipment. Please contact us for further details.


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