DeDietrich BE4000 glass lined reactor Benson Industrials

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DeDietrich BE4000 glass lined reactor

Stock No: 200293

Capacity Capacity: 4000 litres

Pressure Rating Pressure Rating: 6 bar

Power Power: 7.5 kW

DeDietrich BE4000 Glass lined reactor with GlasLok Type MDL 100-020 C agitation system with 4 blade paddle, Crane 109/109 mechanical seal, 7.5/2.5kW motor, 1485/480 rpm, EExd IIB T4, Design pressure vessel & jacket 6/-1 bar.g, design temperature -25/+200⁰C. Includes beaver tail baffle all in type 3009U white glass. 500 mm manway. Id 1760mm Ø x 1795mm straight side. Mfrs No. 62306 date 1998. Weight 6450 kgs. Unit sits on load cells. Unit has a Hosokawa containment booth.