Used 15.6 sq.m Fundabac Typre R Filter Benson Industrials

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Used 15.6 sq.m Fundabac Typre R Filter

Stock No: 200415

Filtration area Filtration area: 15.6 Square metres (m2)

Operating Volume Operating Volume: 2118 litres

Pressure Rating Pressure Rating: -1/10 bar

Used 15.6 sq.m Fundabac Typre R-015.6-24-2500/T140Z Filter, automatic vertical pressure filter manufactued by DRM Dr Muller AG, Switzerland, in 2006, material of construction 304/321 Stainless Steel, Vessel volume: 2118 Litre, design pressure -1/10bar, design temp 190degC. The unit has 24 filter candles. Product discharges through the bottom cone. Sophisticated filter for teh chemical industry to give a dry discharge of solids. Unit in good condition