1360 litre Hastalloy Jacketed Hydrogenation Reactor Benson Industrials

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1360 litre Hastalloy Jacketed Hydrogenation Reactor

Stock No: 200282

Volume Volume: 1360 litres

Pressure Rating Pressure Rating: 65 bar

Temperature Temperature: 150 Degrees Celsius

Hastelloy C22 Hydrogenation reactor with carbon steel jacket, internal cooling coil, double turbine agitator 500mm diameter, 178 rpm, EExd 5.5 kw motor 1440 rpm, David Brown Radicon gearbox, WP vessel 65 barFV, jacket 6 barg/FV, internal coil 6 bar.g/FV . Designed for products with 1.8 s.g. Vessel id 1123mm, 1251mm tan to tan. Weight 5045kgs, built by Langfields Ltd 1997. This is still installed with all ancillary pipe work, valves, feed vessel and filter vessels. All in excellent condition with comprehensive documentation available.