Fryma Vacuum Mixing and Dispersing Unit Benson Industrials

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Fryma Vacuum Mixing and Dispersing Unit

Stock No: 300262

Working Volume Working Volume: 1300 litres

Pressure Rating Pressure Rating: -1 bar

Working Volume Working Volume: 0 Units/min

1300 litre stainless steel vacuum Fryma mixer Type VME1300 with hydraulic power pack and controls. Vessel design pressure -1 barg at 150⁰C. CS jacket DP 2.5 barg at 150 ⁰C with volume of 230 litres. Mixer material 1.4301 (304). Unit has a 22 rpm scraped wall and base agitator driven by a 5.5 kW motor, a 22 kW 970 rpm disc dissolver/premixing system with 350 mm diameter disc and 30 kW 2955 rpm  homogeniser/distributor unit with a 150mm diameter grinding element.. Vessel size is 1300mm diameter by 980mm deep. Central bottom discharge. Unit has 2.2 kW hrydraulic liting unit to lift agitators out of bowl for cleaning. Unit designed for cream, liquids, onitments and paste mixing such as toothpaste. Diameter of vessel is 1400mm. Maximum filling volume 1300 litre, minimum 580 litre.