110 tonne per day Biodiesel Plant Benson Industrials

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110 tonne per day Biodiesel Plant

Stock No: 200256

Capacity Capacity: 110 tonnes

Working Volume Working Volume: 0 Units/min

Working Volume Working Volume: 0 Units/min

A complete biodiesel refinery consisting of 5 skid mounted refinery units capable of producing 110 tonnes per day of biodiesel to satisfy quality standard ENI4214 . There are 4 units of 20 tonne per day and 1 off 30 tonne per day. 

The process is based on the trans-esterification of vegetable oil with methanol to give biodiesel and glycerol. To maximise conversion the reaction process is carried out within 3 similar sequential steps where the feedstock is progressively reacted with further additions of both alcohol and catalyst. The crude product and by-products are separated through a combination of forced coalescence and gravity separation at each of the reaction steps. The crude product and by-product streams are individually collected and separately refined to provide end products of acceptable quality.

The process is split into 5 separate areas:

1. Reaction section

2. Biodiesel Flash

3. Biodiesel Wash

4. Glycerol Wash

5. Methanol Distillation